What is MeetPle videocall?

MeetPle is a platform where you can ask about each other’s well-being , communicate, and express yourself through video with many people from all over the world . MeetPle of the platform through People static picture at the limit takes off himself to revealing in that movie a powerful means to have be able was . 2010 years after steadily , which has been developed vlog is merely Video and Blog unique feature non MeetPle of video calling a function through a little more nearing become intimate opportunities have become will . MeetPle of the video call feature attached other users as friends continue to be added can be so became mobile as a messenger video call a function by using continuous communication possible were

MeetPle of the SNS platform in the vlog in the way myself and others of memories and daily by sharing more than an evolution in the way the user between the relationship forever remain able to help and support . Also MeetPle the user interface ganpyeonhi by anyone easily use to be had it by more number of people to a variety of their daily lives and the memories you share can help was.

MEETPLE function

1) Video call : The basic function of MeetPle supports video, not chat or voice calls . Worldwide variety of people and video calls through their introduction and conversation can have . Existing images is the currency different MeetPle of video calls MeetPle members between an unspecified connection via a high fun and accessibility to grant it..

2) Friend : MeetPle is a video call through learned a valuable ties friend Add a function through physical to a friend ties continue be there.

3) Chat : MeetPle ‘s friend been added variety to the relationship message the ability through daily conversations continue be there . In everyday life all the time video only calls for dialogue yieoganeun is difficult because these various approaches to the way through membership between the ties long to continue it support..

4) Vlog: MeetPle the videos and photos and short writings by between members daily and a variety of experiences to share may have . MeetPle of Vlog is my story and my experiences simple blog in a way to show you can have a movie with by providing a little more realistic and concrete approach is possible.

5) Emoticon : Internet in the world, the most yet universal transfer its value is less recognized is the emoticons . But emoticons non-face-to-face way of the Internet on the edge of your My feelings and thoughts most clearly to convey important is the way . MeetPle are a variety of emoticons through between Member diverse feel the real me like feelings pass and be passed can help and support is.

6) a variety of choice : MeetPle is the world based services to support the platform . Since MeetPle the country , region , gender , etc. to choose their looking and hoping for ties made out may have . This by members to their necessarily fit a variety of groups people find you can have with you may have.