Meetple listed on the X.PLUS Exchange on August 1st

1 min readAug 26, 2022

MPT, a dedicated utility token of blockchain-based global video call platform MeetPle, announced that it will be officially listed on the USDT market of the X.PLUS exchange on the 1st of next month.

Meetple is going to go public this time.The plus exchange is a European cryptocurrency exchange that provides legal currency and banking services, and is a member of ZB Group, which operates a total of seven exchanges of ZB, ZBG, ZBM, Bithi, BW, and XT, and currently has various global users in Europe. In addition, it is an exchange with excellent security and stability as it is composed of world-class corporate core technicians such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM PayPal by gathering the best talents in the industry around the world.

MPT is a utility token used in the ecosystem of MeetPle and can be held on the currently listed Bittrex in the United States, Lbank in China, Dcoin Exchange in Hong Kong, or MeetPleWallet. The additional listing of the European-based X.PLUS exchange, which is scheduled to be listed this time, plans to further increase the utilization of MPT around the world.