Meetple Cooperates with KABC in Education Business

2 min readSep 1, 2022

Meetple (CEO Kim Won-joong), which operates a video chat platform, signed an agreement with Korea AI Blockchain Convergence Institute (Director Lim Myung-hwan) on the 31st to foster and distribute blockchain professionals.

Under the agreement, the Convergence Institute will support the design and education of influencer education programs and curriculum for community members operated by Meetple. Trainees who have completed the program provided by the Convergence Institute will obtain a “blockchain consulting expert” certificate, a private certificate.

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic blockchain industry, it is also planning to operate programs to discover and foster startups. It plans to foster competitive startups discovered through Hackathon competitions to establish a foundation for self-reliance and to grow them into companies that can contribute to the domestic blockchain industry in the future. The financial resources involved are provided by Mittel.

What about MeetPle?
The Meetple project is a random chat platform that combines video calls and SNS, a service that allows video chat with everyone around the world. Since the first service began in May last year, it has secured 1.1 million members so far, laying the foundation for a full-fledged business.

The system has been expanded to accommodate up to 300,000 simultaneous users as members are distributed in the U.S. and the Middle East of Europe, and the number of members continues to expand.

Subscribed members can use the random chat set by the platform for free. If a specific country, gender, or age group is designated, a certain cost must be paid, and payment can be made with in-app payments using dollars and MPT, its own token.

business expansion
It signed an agreement with a Chinese game company and confirmed its entry into the NFT business. It has completed preparations for NFT sales and distribution by actively utilizing characters, metaverse platforms held by game companies, and 1.1 million Mipple members, and plans to start services between September and October.

Preparations for entering the U.S. market are also being made one by step. In cooperation with local educational institutions in the U.S., it is planning to complete a market survey for blockchain education in the U.S. and start an actual educational project soon.

In order to secure users, the company plans to add a Vlog-type service, a type of dating app, and will introduce it around the end of this year. All of this is diversification of businesses to expand Mittple’s influence.