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Meetple, which operates a random chat platform using video calls, signed a business agreement with ‘Korea AI Blockchain Convergence’ to revitalize the blockchain industry, including blockchain technology cooperation and the distribution of professionals, at Seocho-dong Center in the afternoon of the 7th.

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to create synergy related to blockchain and revitalize the blockchain industry, focusing on the exchange of blockchain technology held by each company, as well as the distribution and business cooperation of blockchain experts.

The convergence, which recently changed its name, is being reborn as a specialized educational institution in…

Global social networking service platform MeetPle announced on July 2 that it has signed a strategic partnership with Softbank Investment PTE. Ltd. Through this partnership, the two companies will continue to collaborate in the blockchain sector, and will enhance the brand value of Meetple through strategic consultants, strategic investment attraction, global marketing, and mutual technology exchanges.

Meetple can express themselves by communicating with people from all over the world through videos. The Meetple platform allows you to experience more advanced blockchain-based global social network services so that you can share not only video calls but also the daily lives of…

MeetPle is a platform where you can ask about each other’s well-being , communicate, and express yourself through video with many people from all over the world . MeetPle of the platform through People static picture at the limit takes off himself to revealing in that movie a powerful means to have be able was . 2010 years after steadily , which has been developed vlog is merely Video and Blog unique feature non MeetPle of video calling a function through a little more nearing become intimate opportunities have become will . …

What is MeetPle Project?

Meetple has launchd a service that is combined with a video call application based on WebRTC and blockchain. As non-face-to-face services become more and more popular and increasing, offline activity decreases and people meet and mingle online. Meetple application allows people from all over the world to meet with new people online across national borders. In the future, we plan to introduce new Meetple’s services such as online broadcasting and non-face-to-face solutions in addition to our main service (video call application) using WebRTC, which has excellent compatibility and scalability

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